How to Choose Soils or Clay work for Compressed Earth Blocks?

Ideally, the production of the block follows certain processes. One of such processes is the use of certain clay or soils. This would help in bringing forth the best blocks or bricks at the end of the pressing. The problem therein is on how to choose the best soils or clay that would match the expected Compressed Earth Blocks (C.E.B). You should note that not every soil would fit into the description. “Sandy clay soil” You would [...]

What is the raw material ratio of a concrete block?

Whether small manual block machine, movable brick machine, hydraulic automatic block production line you use, cement ratio is similar. You can add cement ratio from 5%-12%. This according to your other material quality and concrete block quality you want. Common raw material: Cement, sand and small stone(stone powder) 10% cement in weight, 45% sand and 45% stone(stone powder) 10% cement in weight, 30% sand and 60% stone Cement, fly ash ,sand and gravel or stone powder 12% [...]

How to choose the right brick machine?

How to choose the right brick machine? Many customers want to buy a brick machine to start their own business to make money. First, you should confirm which block machine is you need or suitable for you. So how to choose the right brick machine? Step 1. According blocks /bricks that you want to produce to confirm which type of block machine you need. Clay/cement interlocking bricks making machine Concrete hollow/solid blocks and paving bricks making machine Step [...]

As a brick making machine supplier,What service do we offer?

As a brick making machine supplier,the management philosophy that we always stick to is that technology is as important as the quality, technology is base while quality is foundation. We guarantee the quality of the goods strictly and provide perfect pre-sale, sales tracking, and after-sale services. Customer is our guidance, service is our core and quality is our focus. We will serve our customers heart and soul. Our service tenet: serve the customers, be responsible for customers and [...]