The Type of Compressed Earth Block Machine

It is important to note that the blocks come in different forms. It is ideal for manufacturers to define their building or construction needs before choosing the blocks.

On the other hand, there are specific clay making machines that are designed to fit into a range of Compressed Earth Blocks. Thus, you should consider their properties and functionalities to help you make an informed decision.

  • Manual 

The Manual Compressed Earth Block Machines are usually small and movable, the operate and feeding materials are achieved by manual, This could come in handy for effective regulation.

The manual compressed earth block machine only need little investment and can get big profits, it’s suitable for starting the business and small business

Manual brick making machine model: 1-402-40

  • Semi-Automatic

As the name implies, this type of Compressed Earth Blocks machines doubles as manual and automatic. It can be used in cement interlocking and a variety of other brick making concepts.

Semi-automatic compressed earth block machine models: 1-25/2-25

  • Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine

Machines in this category are automated and don’t necessarily need the intervention of human inputs. All there is to feeding the materials into the machine, configuring it, and setting it in motion.

Fully-automatic clay brick making machine models:  1-102-104-105-107-1010-10

  • Mobile Clay Brick Making Machine

As the name implies, this type of Compressed Earth Blocks machines is mobile, the machine with wheels, you can move it to anywhere you want.

Mobile clay brick making machine models: 1-20M7MI, M7MI Twin

Note: The uses of these Compressed Earth Blocks machines vary by the type of bricks or blocks expected at the end.  It has been asserted that the manual versions are common in developing countries while the automated are in use in developed countries.