Ideally, the production of the block follows certain processes. One of such processes is the use of certain clay or soils. This would help in bringing forth the best blocks or bricks at the end of the pressing.

The problem therein is on how to choose the best soils or clay that would match the expected Compressed Earth Blocks (C.E.B). You should note that not every soil would fit into the description.

sandy clay soil

“Sandy clay soil”

You would recall that soil is made up of four (4) main properties. These are Biosphere (Life), Lithosphere (Earth), Hydrosphere (Water), and Atmosphere (Air). These are essential properties to look for when choosing a soil or clay for Compressed Earth Block.

sandy soil

“Sandy Soil”

Read further to discover some of the tips:

  • The first type of soil to choose is sandy soil. It has a gritty texture and is non-sticky. The output demands little cohesion and ensures that there is no shrinkage at the end.
  • Gravelly Soil is also recommended because of the very rough texture.
  • You may also want to go for silty soil. Although it has a significant shrinkage, it makes up for that with the smooth texture.