Project Description

4-25 electric motor concrete hollow bricks making machine is an automatic line, the bricks produced by electric motor block machine is formed by vibrating technology. there are semi-automatic and fully automatic for your choice, the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic is the control method

No.Device NameSpecificationNo.Device NameSpecification
1Block  machine
(Inc:control box )
4-255Concrete mixer
2Pallets feeder6Belt conveyor machineL=6000mm
3Brick  conveyor machine7Stacker
4One standard mouldHollow Block or Solid Block8Block trolley


4-25 block making machine can produce a various concrete hollow/solid block, paver, curbstone by changing moulds.

Automation level

4-25 feeds material/pallets and stacks automatically. The production starts and ends just by pressing the start button. So the operation is simple and production efficiency is very high.

High-quality mould

Our molds are made of manganese steel #16 and adopt precise line cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology to make them more robust and extend mold life. So our mold life is 7-8 times stronger than common steel molds.

Feeding system

4-25 adopts 360 scatter mixer to scatter material though revolving 360 degrees to make the material much more evenly and the blocks produced are of higher quality and density. Moreover, this machine adopts automatic double material feeding system, so you can produce colored pavers in automatic mode.

Spare parts

We provide a set of spare parts with the machine.

Main technical parameter

1Dimension of host machine3700x2100x2300mm5Total machine power29kw
2Mould period20-24s6Vibration force35.5KN
3Pallet size850(850)x550x20mm7Mixer modelJQ500
4Workshop area160m28VoltageAdjustable

Theoretical production capacity

6200x163x60mm-No Color811529216

1. All QT4-25 block machines need to load into a 40HQ container.
2. QT4-25 block machine also needs 1000pcs fiber pallet when produce blocks. need 6-7 workers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4.The raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder