Project Description

4-28 is aconcrete semi-automatic paving block making machine powered by diesel engine.


This machine can produce a various concrete hollow/solid block, paver by changing moulds.

Production efficiency

For 400*150*200mm, 4-28 can produce 3000cps/8h. For 240x115x53mm solid block, it can produce 14400pcs/8h.

Advanced technology

Hydraulic pressure moulding technology is adopted by this machine, so the brick machine has more stable and higher-efficiency working status and the bricks produced are of better quality, larger density and higher strength.

High-quality mould

Our brick moulds are made of 16# manganese steel. Besides the good raw material, Precise line cutting technology and 900 ℃ carburizing heat treatment technology are all adopted in the process of the brick mould production. Thus the brick moulds have better performance and longer service time. And the bricks produced are of higher quality

Technical parameter

1Dimension of host machine1480x1250x2000mm5Total machine power13.34kw
2mould period30s6Rated pressure15MPa
3Pallet size850x450x25mm7Mixer modelJQ350
4Workshop area60m28Oil consumption2L/H

Theoretical production capacity

3Paver: 200x100x60mm167365888
4Paver: 200x163x60mm104603680


1.All 4-28machines total Vol. is about 12cbm
2.4-28 block machine also need 500-800pcs fiber pallet when produce blocks.                                                                                                                                    3.Raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder