Project Description

8-15 is an automatic hydraulic concrete brick paver machine production line.. classical big machine, it could work durable and stably ,This whole production line is composed of cement silo, screw conveyor machine, cement scale, batching machine, mixer, belt conveyor, pallet feeder, automatic stacker and block making machine. You can choose suitable supporting facilities according to your requirements.

8-15 Block Machine Line 
No..Device NameSpecificationNo..Device NameSpecification
1-1Cement siloV=50 Ton2-1Block making machine8-15
1-2Screw conveyor machineΦ219x6000mm2-2Hydraulic station
1-3Cement scale2-3PLC control system
1-4Batching machine
(three hoppers)
PL12002-4Pallet feeder
1-5Concrete mixerJS7502-5Brick conveyor
1-6Belt conveyor machineL=8000mm2-6Block sweeperrotating brush model
3-1Foam board insert machine system2-7One block mould
4-1Automatic stacker2-8Manual hydraulic trolleyC=2500kg


8-15 block machine can produce various hollow/solid blocks, pavers, curbstones by changing moulds.

Automation level

8-15 feeds material, pallet and stacks automatically. The production starts and ends just by pressing the start button. So the operation is simple and production efficiency is very high.

Advanced technology

Hydraulic pressure moulding technology is adopted by this machine, so the brick machine has more stable and higher-efficiency working status and the bricks produced are of better quality, larger density and higher strength.

the new design of reducing the travel length of the control arm, improve production capacity

the Hopper outlet mouth new designed to avoid the material blocked (the vibration could often make material block in the hopper)

High-quality mould

Our moulds are made of 16# manganese steel. Besides the good raw material, Precise line cutting technology and 900 ℃ carburizing heat treatment technology are all adopted in the process of brick moulds production. So the brick moulds have better performance and longer service time.

 Technical parameter

1Dimension of host machine3500x2000x2930mm6Host machine power36kw
2Weight of host machine8.5T7Vibration force80-90KN
3Molding area936x880mm8Mixer modelJS750
4Water consumption7-10Ton/day9Pallet size980x900x30mm
5workshop area300m210VoltageAdjutable

Theoretical production capacity


1. All 8-15 block machines need to load into 3 or 4 pcs 40HQ container.
2. 8-15 block machine also need 1800pcs fibre pallet when produce blocks.
3. The raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder