Whether small manual block machine, movable brick machine, hydraulic automatic block production line you use, cement ratio is similar. You can add cement ratio from 5%-12%. This according to your other material quality and concrete block quality you want.

brick machine material

Common raw material:

  1. Cement, sand and small stone(stone powder)
  2. 10% cement in weight, 45% sand and 45% stone(stone powder)
  3. 10% cement in weight, 30% sand and 60% stone
  4. Cement, fly ash ,sand and gravel or stone powder
  5. 12% cement in weight, 4% fly ash, 30% sand and 54% gravel
  6. 12% cement in weight, 4% fly ash, 84% stone powder
  7. 8% cement in weight, 50% fly ash, 7% sand and 35% gravel
  8. 8% cement in weight, 50% fly ash, 42% stone powder

Note: cement quantity you can adjust according your sand and stone quality. Usually from 5-12%. If stone powder have big stickiness, you can add more sand and decrease cement.


Mixing dry material about 30s is better, then shower water little by little.

The water/cement ratio is very important. the water/cement ratio should be 0.3-0.4.

You can also use construction dustbin or other material as concrete hollow block raw material.