What is the Ratio for Clay Compressed Earth Blocks?

Choosing the type of soil or clay for Clay Compressed Earth Blocks is one part of the building process. Deciding on the ratio is another. Ideally, the balance should be made on the premise of the behavior of the soils in the presence of water.

sandy soil

“Sandy Soil”

Also, note that the mixture would take place in the clay brick making machine. Hence, you should be sure that you get the ratio correctly before processing.

These tips would help you balance the ratio of clay for compressed earth blocks:

  • The basic soil containing  Sand of about 65-75% and Fines (Silt + Clay) of 25%
clay ratio
  • On the other hand, you can use 30% silt and 33% clay on a weight basis for the sand of 33%

There is yet another aspect of the soil grading composition limits. This is based on the formation of the soil.

For instance, you can use Sand (80%), Clay (10%), and Silt (10%0 for an Ideal Virgin Soil. A Good Virgin Soil demands Clay (10-20%), Sand (65-80%), and Silt (0-20%). It is also tenable to use Sand (60-80%), Clay (10-25%), and Silt (0-25%) on a Possible Virgin Soil.

The earth blocks ratio: soil:cement=10:1

Guide for Soil Selection

Haven noted the ratios that help in producing the block; let us look at other helpful tips. The rule is that you should determine the plasticity index to be certain that the soil would be suitable for block production.

The first point is that the soil or clay must be free of organic materials. It must also contain sufficient clay to bind the block. Third, the soil should not contain harmful quantities of salt.

As a rule, you need to ensure that the soil with high clay and silt content (usually above 35-40%) should be blended with sandy soil.

As we said, except for organic soil (black soil), any other soil can be used. If the soil contains little or no sand, you can add sand. The ratio is 5 earth buckets+5 sand buckets+1cement bucket.

organic soil

The applications of these ratios depend on the properties of the soil and the type of blocks or bricks you want to make.