As earlier noted, the use of Compressed Earth Blocks has been around for decades. The relevance in today’s construction sphere is because of the innate potentials it has to offer to the manufacturing industry.

So, why should Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) be used for constructions, including buildings and residential apartments?

CEB construction
  • Creating Wealth from Natural Resources

First, there is a growing need to use natural resources. This is imperative because of the high cost of cement and other new materials for building. By repositioning this, builders can now use soil and clay to erect buildings.

  • Suitable for Large Housing or Infrastructure Programs

Certain laws and regulations guide the development of structures and buildings all over the world. Compressed Earth Blocks play a great role in this regard by conforming to the standard sizes and quality requirements of a building.

CEB construction 2
  • Flexibility

Another use case is the flexibility of usage that comes with Compressed Earth Blocks. They are feasible for use in both the rural and urban contexts. They can also be applied to small-scale, medium, and large-scale semi-industrial and industrial use cases.